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India’s Health Delusion-survey findings



Trust all is well!


I write this to you about an interesting data findings about India’s health delusion. Do check and let know.


According to a research from General Nutrition Center (GNC), a leading nutrition and supplement brand, there is a disconnect between perception and reality of health and wellness among Indians. For instance most Indians view their health as acceptable or excellent (70%) and describe themselves as balanced eaters (69%) – yet their lifestyle habits reveal a contradictory picture with 44 percent of respondents admitting to rarely or never exercising and being negligent eaters.


There is currently a form of ‘collective delusion’ when it comes to health and fitness; the vast majority of Indians believe themselves to be fit and healthy, while their daily behaviour suggests precisely the opposite.


Specifically, while the majority (68%) of survey respondents agree obesity directly or somewhat contributes to a person’s overall health, a proportionate number of respondents admit to eating fast food at least twice a week (47%) – with 15 percent consuming take-away food daily, and 41 percent eating fresh fruit only once a week or less. These negative eating habits spike during holidays and festivals, with 36 percent of respondents admitting to indulging in extra sweets and 26 percent disrupting their regular eating patterns.


Please find attached the note for your perusal. Do let know your thoughts on the same.


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