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Covestro (India) in Collaboration with ARCH Foundation launches 6 new Brighter World Labs in Cuddalore

Cuddalore. September 9, 2019: Covestro (India), a leading producer of advanced and high-performance polymers in India and around the world, today announced the launch of 6 new Brighter World Labs for students in Cuddalore. In collaboration with ARCH Foundation, Project Brighter World Labs aims at promoting scientific reasoning among children and creating a new generation of analytical thinkers.

In India, only 29% of children attend private schools, while the remaining join government or state-funded educational institutes that  have zero or exceptionally low fees and ride on a host of problems. With Brighter World Lab, a holistic and pioneering intervention, Covestro (India) tries to ensure that each child is brought closer to science and to add meaningful and long-lasting experiences aiming to create a life-changing impact on the less privileged section of society.

Speaking at the inauguration, Mr. Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro (India) said, “At Covestro, we truly believe that education is a fundamental right and it should be available to all. Our vision for Brighter World Lab is to ignite scientific interest in children so that they can learn through discovery and connect scientific knowledge of the textbook to the real world. We realized that setting up good infrastructure is not guaranteed enough that it will have a direct academic benefit on students in government schools and thus the whole idea of project Brighter World Lab has derived because we feel that there is a vast difference between reading from a textbook and experiencing it first-hand.”

“We at Arch Development Foundation, believe that each child deserves opportunities and exposure in order to showcase their talent and that’s where the whole idea of Brighter World Lab came into existence. With Brighter World Labs, we tend to create projects which can enrich the world in a brighter way. With Covestro (India), the whole idea of Brighter World Labs got conceptualised and executed in a very great way and we look forward for many such initiatives in future.” said Sonkee Shah, CEO, ARCH Development Foundation.

Initiated in 2017, project Brighter World Lab was launched with installations of 10 Maths and Science laboratories in four cities- Greater Noida, Ankleshwar, Mumbai and Cuddalore. In 2018, the project became more formidable after collaborating with the ARCH Foundation and with the addition of 20 Brighter World Labs. With 2019, the expansion and growth plan for project Brighter World Lab has become more comprehensive and 20 more Brighter Labs  have been added in Greater Noida, Ankleshwar, Mumbai and Cuddalore.

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