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Article 370 Revoked – A bold move from the Modi2.0 government

In a historic move on Monday, Modi government redrew the map of Jammu and Kashmir by stripping its special status by scrapping Article 370. Now the State will be bifurcated into two territories — Jammu and Kashmir division and Ladakh.
The Rajya Sabha passed the J&K Reorganisation Bill on Monday amid protests from opposition Congress and J&K's regional parties

Business leaders across the country responded to the issue. According to Mr Anand Moorthy, Founder & CEO, Props{AMC} – "The resolution was always required on article 370 and 35(A). Till every citizen's security (including J&K) is protected and the intent is to create one nation, its definitely a bold move from the Modi2.0 government. We wish this doesn't become any reason for economic de-growth and negative market sentiments"

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