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MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms.

Blockchain technology is going to restructure the gaming industry by creating a multiverse and making games more immersive and boundary-blurring than ever. Not only in the gaming sector, but the blockchain is also diving into the utility services too by setting a new definition. Unlike a centralized server, where hackers can break the encryption and have control over the assets stored on the server, Blockchain allows players to store their digital money securely in their crypto wallets and make payments more safely.

MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms. It also dispenses the uniquely designed BEP-20 based MNTG tokens that can be amalgamated on different blockchain gaming platforms with no limitations. It gives a new outlook to the entire virtual payments and allows the users to make transactions on multiple integrated gaming platforms and on advanced utility services platforms too.

MONETAS works on developing and visualizing a magnificent and great experience where the community has access to win various rewards too. For, global community, MONETAS offers various services like- to know about, live crypto rates, latest news related to cryptocurrencies, and, a crypto exchange.

Different from pay-to-play games which involve central authority, Blockchain-based games allow players to own their assets while playing the games. That’s why blockchain uses the smart functionality of the latest technology over the servers where data are recorded in a decentralized and immutable way. Hence, the ownership of the assets owned by the players cannot be altered or changed.

MONETAS attempts to deliver a decentralized digital currency utilizing the whole worldwide cryptocurrency system together. They are completely used at a rate characterized during the improvement of the framework, which is also broadly popular.

MONETAS also offers a payment gateway platform for the users by setting new standards in customer service. People can also make all utility bill payments like mobile recharge, electric bills, certain transportation services, natural gas bills, and many more using MNTG tokens.

Furthermore, our global community can easily empower the interactivity of gameplay inventions utilizing the most remarkable and profoundly adaptable back-end execution of our Blockchain Solutions. We develop top-notch blockchain games and decentralized applications which are also dynamic and accessible by unlimited clients.

In terms of gaming solution, MONETAS is the one-stop destination because of the following factors-

· Unadulterated Ownership– Players have absolute ownership of their in-game assets and are free to invest whenever they want to.

· Authentic and Trustworthy– MONETAS ensures extended privacy and security while omitting all the chances of fraud. This ensures that MONETAS is highly effective, more transparent, and honest for its global community.

We, at MONETAS, currently hold 40 million MNTG tokens and are working to expand our portfolio in the global industry. Using MONETAS, you can avail following services-

· Password Protected– MNTG tokens and payments offered with solutions of MONETAS are precisely built while ensuring a balance of better password protection and ease of access.

· Scalable Designs– MONETAS experts offer scalable designs precisely built and developed using the unique technological advancement to ensure better visual payments, immersive experience, crypto-based rewards, and tokens for multiple gaming solutions.

· Larger Community– We offer a 24*7 exchange service and have a dedicated customer support service to resolve various queries of our clients. We serve global users and have a plethora of expert and experienced designers, developers, marketers, analysts, and other professionals that widely serve the numerous needs of our clients.

· 100% secure– The security system that we offer is developed with professionals and has numerous fail-safe layers to protect the crypto-currencies and payments better than bank-grade security.

MONETAS is currently working with three highly fascinating gaming models for global enthusiasts-

· Fantasy Sports – (One-stop destination games)

· Online Board Games- (Ludo)

· Online Card Games- (Rummy)

MONETAS offers a world-class assortment of decentralized gaming platforms, offering the best and exceptionally captivating gaming experience and utility bill payment mode on various gadgets. Moreover, the MNTG tokens are likewise effectively usable across different gaming solutions and utility services platforms without any limitations while keeping up the users’ security, privacy, and comfort.

For More Information Visit the website on-

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Veteran industrialist Anil Gupta’s book on entrepreneurship becomes the best-seller

To encourage aspiring entrepreneurs dreaming to start a business of their own, Mr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Microtek, Okaya and Nasaka has authored a thought-provoking business self-help book, “Mine the Millionaire in You”.  The book has become an instant success by achieving the best-seller status on Amazon.

Mr. Gupta has given his own life story of how he started his career at a salary of     Rs 1350/- and went on to create multi-billion networth companies. While he shares tools and techniques derived out of own experiences to write this book, he also explains what encouraged him to start his own business, the challenges he faced, how he created the challenges into opportunities and how he is heading a conglomerate of businesses worth several thousand crore of rupees today.

In this book, Mr. Gupta has discussed multiple challenges faced by the business aspirants. To name a few, being unable to gather courage to start a business; don’t know which business to start; after starting a business unable to sustain, or having a great business, but not knowing how to scale up, manage effectively and above all creating ‘work-life balance’.

This book even helps in managing business communication, material flow, money, purchase, production, sales, customer care and compliances effortlessly. This book provides an immense help in building a business, setting-up teams and nurturing teamwork effectively through simple business management tools as presented in this book. Also one would be able to create business ideas that work.  In a nutshell, the book “Mine the Millionaire in You” goes a long way in doing away with confusions and indecisiveness while it turns entrepreneurial dreams and desire into a passion.

Mr. Gupta said, “The possibility of creating your own business becomes a reality as you read through this book and apply the proven techniques in your domain. All the knowledge and tools to organize your business effortlessly and manage it effectively are revealed in this book.”

Through this exemplary book Mr. Gupta has given wings to his deep rooted desire and passion of developing and promoting entrepreneurship in India and added his bit to various GoI initiatives such as Make in India, Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and various other skill development initiatives.

Written in a very simple language, the book “Mine the Millionaire in You” is a must read for both the aspiring as well as established businessmen, or individuals who wish to get charged up, motivated and inspired while continuing their journey of entrepreneurship. Besides, creating and organising a business, the book will also help in defining its purpose.

About Mr. Anil Gupta, Founder of Microtek, Okaya and Nasaka

With over three decades of experience in business and the decades of experience in life, Mr. Anil Gupta has created a series of successful brands like Microtek, Okaya, Nasaka, Greenburg and Okaya Infocom. He has done pioneering work in managing life and business in autopilot mode without supervision and produce everlasting and ever-growing results. Mr. Anil Gupta has created opportunities and made a difference to each life that he has ever touched directly, or indirectly.

A successful businessman in perfect health and complete peace of mind having diverse and growing business portfolios in Electronics, Chemical, Software, Real Estate and Finance, Mr. Anil Gupta is also an educationist, trainer and an author by choice, out to create opportunities and make a difference to life and businesses of all the people he touches directly and indirectly. He has travelled the journey from Rs. 1350 per month job in 1983 to a multibillion business now, working few hours a day and few days a week. Anil Gupta holds degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has special interest in management, communication, psychology, ontology and natural living.

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Top 5 tech accessories to gift your Mother



Top 5 tech accessories to gift your mother this Mother’s day


Mother’s love is unconditional and the purest. She does everything it takes to make her child happy. So this mother’s day make your mom feel special as she is the one who makes each moment of your life special through her gestures and deeds.


This Mother’s Day say no to the clichéd gifts and surprise her with a gadget that will make her life easier and better.


Funky Power Bank:

With an increased usage of mobile phones, draining of the battery is usually the most common problem for mothers. This is something that becomes an issue in continuing long conversations. So why not gift her a funky power bank and always stay connected with your mother. Now a day’s gadgets are becoming increasingly smaller and lighter so that they can be easily carried in our pockets.  SYSKA brings you 8000mAh Power Wallet 80 as an affordable Power bank. Power Wallet 80 Power bank is available at Rs. 2,499/- across all leading e-commerce plat forms.







Portable bluetooth Speaker:

Mothers enjoy listening to her favorite songs at her own leisure. It is the best form of stress buster for them and a portable speaker can be easily carried without any problem which means that music does not have any limitation anymore! PTron Sonor Mini Bluetooth Speaker is portable and is deceptively loud for its size. PTron Sonor speaker can be used to enjoy loud, clear music on your device anytime anywhere. The product is available on for INR 899/-       


Tile Tracker:

If your mother keeps losing track of all her stuff, then a Tile tracker is exactly what they need. Loop one through your keychain, slip it into your wallet, or even stick one on your laptop and use the app on your phone to keep track of everything at minimal cost of Rs 190/-





E readers:

If your mother is fond of reading, an e-reader is probably the best gadget you can gift her. And Amazon’s Kindle range has more than enough options. While the Glare Free variant is the cheapest option (Rs 6,999), the Paper White variant comes with a backlit display too. Another option is the Kindle Voyage that lasts for weeks on a single charge.                               


Fitness band:

If your mother is someone who is a health freak, they would appreciate this gift even more. MI fitness bands are a great choice as gifts. Not only are they available in a plethora of options from funky colors to displays and prices, but also serve as a cool piece of tech to keep your mother hale and hearty. If both of you are stuck on the thought to start being healthy, this can be a good way to ignite the bond through some exercising together. Available at an affordable price of Rs 1000/-








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Press Release – expands portfolio expands portfolio

A new range of telecare solutions launched under its easyfone brand

New Delhi, May 2018:, a company focussed on senior citizens has launched a new range of solutions to help seniors stay safe, connected and more engaged.

The company has launched a new range of telecare solutions under its easyfone brand to suit the different needs, budgets and style requirements for seniors. The new range comprising of easyfone-grand, easyfone Royale and easyfone elite leverages the best of the first easyfone model which has over 20 senior friendly features and builds upon it by adding some very unique and innovative features & services that have not been seen in India before. These include

1.      CareTouch – a service that allows family members to set medicine reminders, address book, phone settings etc on their beloved elders easyfone from anywhere in the world using the internet. easyfone is the only brand that offers this service in India

2.      The easyfone Grand is India’s first and only phone which comes with unique technology that amplifies sound – whether it is phone conversations or even while watching TV etc. This will be a great solution for seniors who need hearing assistance, but do not feel the need to wear hearing aids.

3.      The easyfone Royale and Elite come with loud & clear sound. In addition, both these models are also hearing aid compatible with a rating of M4/T4 – the highest possible. These are the only phones for seniors in India with this feature

4.      The new range offers premium finishing & different form factors – with conventional bar phones as well introducing the much loved flip phone – giving seniors many choices to pick from.  

The company has also expanded its safety solutions range with the launch of extremely simple, yet powerful motion sensor lights under its Juvo-wonderlite brand. The motion activated LED lights light up automatically when they detect motion in the dark to prevent accidents and falls which can have serious consequences for the elderly. The lights are battery operated and can be stuck wherever light is needed – thereby giving customers total flexibility and ease.

The Seniorworld community on facebook has now crossed over 2 lacs and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  This is possibly the most engaged community in India across age groups and new solutions are in the offing to give seniors an even more engaging platform.

Silverwings, the group holiday vertical of the company continues to do well with more destinations getting added and a considerable amount of repeat and referral business. Travel destinations now covered include Europe, Kenya, Bali, Singapore, Dubai, Srilanka, Thailand, Leh, Kerela amongst a host of others.      

Mr. Rahul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “our new solutions are the testimony of our commitment to bring world-class innovative products and services that marry the best of simplicity and technology to enhance the quality of life of our beloved elders. We will be launching more such solutions and services in the coming year to cater to the different needs of our customers.

About provides senior-friendly products, services and engagement avenues that enable seniors to lead a more active, independent, engaged and fulfilling life.

For full product specifications, please visit: and