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Health & Glow launches its new colour-cosmetic range.

Marking 25 years of being in the beauty and personal care business, Health & Glow is here to brighten your everyday with its new colour-cosmetic range

The new colour cosmetic range forges the company’s extensive beauty experience in a palette full of lip colours, foundation sticks, compact powders and kajal .Leading omni-channel beauty retail chain Health & Glow, has announced its very own brand launch in the space of quality colour cosmetics. The company’s latest launch, H&G Cosmetics, offers a fresh assortment of vegan, cruelty-free everyday makeup products.

After having spent over two and a half decades addressing wants and needs of consumers in the beauty industry, Health & Glow is uniquely placed to understand the experience that consumers seek from their makeup. H&G cosmetics has come into existence with this understanding, coupled with in-depth research on current consumer needs and the best of what’s trending in the space.

A range of daily wear colour-cosmetics for all those who like to try new, trendy products, is the first step in reaffirming the brand’s legacy in the cosmetic space. With product prices modestly starting at INR 199, H&G cosmetics has set the stage to extend the company’s vision of merging quality product experience with affordability to the colour cosmetics space as well.

H&G Cosmetics’ debut collection revolves around the theme ‘Work, Play and Party’ and currently features 22 shades of Liquid Lip Colours, 23 shades of bullet Lipsticks, 2 in 1 Foundation Stick in 7 shades, Compact Powder in 3 shades and retractable Kajal in 5 aesthetic tints. These affordable, high quality products shall be available at Health & Glow retail touch points across India as well as on the brand’s mobile app and website.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Venkataramani, CEO, Health & Glow said, “The beauty industry has shown an impressive growth with the emergence of new-age brands and beauty influencers. This trend has pushed the brands to become more aggressive and innovative in their approach. With H&G cosmetics, our aim is to provide a range of daily-wear makeup products that will deliver a rich product experience given the price. At H&G, we have endeavoured to follow tech-savvy and new-age ways to provide consumers comprehensive beauty solutions with an enriching experience. We are certain that our new range of cosmetics will make a perfect choice for the Indian skin with the right assortment of shades. Makeup is all about fun and expression, and we want consumers to experience that everyday with H&G cosmetics!”

According to a recent report by Mordor Intelligence, India Cosmetics Products Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.23% during the forecast period 2022 – 2027. Colour cosmetics dealing in facial makeup capture a substantial segment of the Indian market. Secondly, the cruelty-free, vegan beauty category has been booming for a while across the globe, and its awareness is sure to affect and alter the Indian market in the near future.  With the alert Indian consumer, it shall no longer be possible for brands to get away with harsh ingredients and unfriendly product compositions. H&G Cosmetics has prioritized these preferences and has customized the range to the varied types of Indian skin and texture. All products of H&G cosmetics are dermatologically tested and paraben-free.

With over 170 stores across the country and a wide-ranging portfolio of 10,000+ products, Health & Glow has been dominating the personal care space for more than 25 years.

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DaMENSCH partners with SOS Children’s Villages of India to give 100 children the #GiftOfComfort

India: Come the most cheerful time of the year, and the world transpires into a happy comfortable place. Unfortunately, not everyone is privileged enough to have the luxury to enjoy this comfort. With more than 30,000 children left parentless by the pandemic, is it important that we come together and work towards giving them a better future. Igniting this spirit of giving, premium men’s conscious-fashion brand DaMENSCH announced its campaign Gift Of Comfort, where it will donate a part of all purchases made on its website from December 25 – January 5 to India’s largest self-implementing child care NGO – SOS Children’s Villages of India. The funds will be used to brighten the new year festivities of these children by providing them with better livelihood. 

Each purchase made between 25th December and 5th January 2022 will be a contribution that benefits the lives of 100 children across the country. The curative programme of SOS Children’s Villages of India reaches out to more than 6,500 once-parentless or abandoned girls and boys in 32 SOS Children’s Villages across the country. Each children’s village has 12-15 family homes, with every home consisting of 10 children on average along with an SOS Mother. All-round development, including education, nutrition, health and psychological development, is taken care of till these children are well settled in life.

Sharing his views on the noble


cause, Gaurav Pushkar, Co-founder – DaMENSCH, stated, “With the pandemic hitting hard, it has become all the more important for society to come together and help communities in need. At DaMENSCH, we are inspired by the principle of living and working together for the greater common cause. This is the season of happiness and giving. This year has been challenging for many and, as a conscientious brand, we are dedicated to bringing more smiles to those in need. In line with this aim and to amplify our CSR efforts, we are proud to partner with SOS Children’s Villages of India to serve parentless and abandoned girls and boys throughout India.” 

Commenting on the support, Mr. Sumanta Kar, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages of India, said: “These times are extremely challenging for all of us, and more so for vulnerable children and communities. Many have lost livelihoods and children have lost parental support. We, at SOS Children’s Villages of India, are extremely committed to the cause of uplifting the caregiver and, subsequently, communities to secure wholesome childcare and development for the most vulnerable. When we come, together, to serve the greater good, the impact is magnified and more expansive. We thank DaMENSCH for their support in amplifying our efforts.

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La Mira Fashion – Stylish yet comfy!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 31: The meaning of La Mira is “The Aim.” The motive to launch this brand in the market is to provide people with comfortable clothes that belong to the current trends as well. A variety of clothes available in the market are extremely fashionable and ecstatic but aren’t very comfortable to wear. La Mira is conceptualised with a vision to provide both for its consumers. Comfort comes in compliance with the trendy spark in the clothes or designs that are manufactured at La Mira.

The brand owner’s name is Hinal Varma. Her primary and secondary education has been completed in Mumbai. However, She had moved to London for two years to pursue 2 Masters. Her education has always been revolving around marketing and theories of marketing. Her enthusiasm for the fashion industry is a new school of thought. She has always been serious about her education but there was nothing specific decision as to what she actually wanted to achieve at the end of the day, although as She just said, there was a true effort towards her education.

Sonal Varma, a co-founder and head designer of La Mira who has done two years of Fashion Designing from JD Institute and INIFD respectively. Always into fashion trends, she incorporates every possible design into reality which gives life to La Mira with a unique touch.

To begin with, She thinks She never truly acknowledged that fashion was her passion and her ambition. In India, there was no true connection that She discovered in fashion but residing in London was one of the most eye-opening, influencing, and most importantly, an inspirational event of her life. She had the intuition to follow trends and stay aware of the fashion that is emerging in the market. She was also cautious of the clothes or the outfits that She filled her wardrobe with. Additionally, she kept her eyes on other people’s wardrobes simultaneously!

Every piece of clothing in her wardrobe is based on the trend that is prevailing in the market and there is diversification as well. It was during the lockdown, that her sister and she were conversing about their future lives and they were inquisitive of what they wanted to achieve in the future. It was then that they realised they were very inspired by fashion and that they had comfort in understanding fashion.

La Mira was a decision that Hinal had made with her sister Sonal Varma. The world was in chaos due to the pandemic, simultaneously Hinal and Sonal were indecisive of their respective futures. A discussion of what they would pursue once lockdown is over gave life to the idea of La Mira. The excitement to have all the trendy and ongoing fashionable clothes in their wardrobe was even more ignited with the thought of starting La Mira.