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Msquaremedia appoints Anand Fadte as Chief Technology Officer

M Square Media (MSM) is proud to welcome and install into its high-caliber set of executives, its new Chief Technology Officer Anand Fadte. Anand will take an important role in the company’s global expansion through building and strengthening its technological infrastructure in the international education sector.

Anand’s role as MSM CTO will see him take charge of technological resources, and maintaining and resolving all technical-related issues. Anand will also oversee the development of technical initiatives that propel MSM into achieving its business goals. He will be working closely with the Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Laul in terms of formulating a set of strategies with set timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical services. Anand and his team are expected to contribute to the positioning of MSM as a competitive player in the international education sector.

“I am proud to welcome Anand to the MSM family. His impressive background and expertise in technology will certainly be helpful in increasing the organization’s competitive advantage, while supervising system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency,” says Sanjay.

Anand holds multiple degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Business Administration, Computer Science and Mathematics, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Statistics, Post Graduate Program in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in AI and ML in a Swiss University.

“As CTO, I look forward to creating an enduring impact for the organization, stakeholders and partners through innovation and breaking new grounds in technology for the education sector,” notes Anand.

The new CTO lives an active lifestyle, with badminton as his sport of interest. He lives by the mantra of “keeping things simple” and believes in maximizing the resources one already has at this disposal. Anand considers himself to be a “seeker” and looks forward to both sharing and learning in his new position of leadership with MSM

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Bloombrain, reduces course fees by 50% for financially weak students


With offline teaching coming to a halt due to the pandemic, Edtech has gained prominence among the masses. Online courses may be efficient and flexible, but the lack of engagement limits a student’s learning experience. But with the nation still reeling from the pandemic, some Edtechstartups have stepped up to help students gain quality education.

Bloombrain, for example, reduced their course fees by 50% for students belonging to financially weaker backgrounds or whose parents lost their jobs recently. The company has developed an in-house scholarship approval & profiling system that identifies deserving candidates, where the scholarship is approved within 24 hours of application submission.

Bloombrain also inked a strategic partnership with Health Gennie app, to offer their employees and learners free access for one year to medical consultations for any illness via India’s leading doctors.

Shortlisted as one of India’s top 15 emerging Edtech companies by CNBC, the company offers personalized tuition classes for CBSE students from standard 1 to 9. Bloombrain also offers courses focussing on 21st century skills like Public Speaking, Robotics, 3D printing and Application based English Learning Programs for adults.

The company delivers personalized classes along with regular 1:1 practice sessions where students can get doubts cleared and work specifically on their weaknesses. With over 70,000 registered users, Bloombrain’s students display an average grade point of 9 CGPA.

According to Shahrukh Usmani, Founder & CEO of Bloombrain Learning Solutions, “While starting off, we observed that most students lack the required training or opportunity to build their communication skills in schools or colleges. Bloombrain eliminates these communication barriers and enables students to score well, while positioning them for a successful career.”

Commenting on the inspiration behind Bloombrain, Shahrukh added, “While working for the best Edtech companies for the last 5 years, I realised that there is a huge gap between academia and industry in our country. Hence I and my batchmate – Utkarsh (Founder and COO) started Bloombrain along with a team of 8 Edtech experts. We launched just last year in July, and today, we employ over 175 professionals with over 3,500 paid learners. We also developed an in-house patented video calling platform with custom controls at the teacher’s end that offers industry leading user experience. We are currently in discussions with top VCs to raise funds in order to scale our operations.”

Bloombrain is an Edtechstartup that offers personalized one-to-one interactive classes. The company’s courses span across Academics, Spoken English, Coding, Effective Communication Skills related to sales and marketing training for students and adults. Students and interested parties can contact the company through their website or Bloombrain toll free number 1800-212-0944

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MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms.

Blockchain technology is going to restructure the gaming industry by creating a multiverse and making games more immersive and boundary-blurring than ever. Not only in the gaming sector, but the blockchain is also diving into the utility services too by setting a new definition. Unlike a centralized server, where hackers can break the encryption and have control over the assets stored on the server, Blockchain allows players to store their digital money securely in their crypto wallets and make payments more safely.

MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms. It also dispenses the uniquely designed BEP-20 based MNTG tokens that can be amalgamated on different blockchain gaming platforms with no limitations. It gives a new outlook to the entire virtual payments and allows the users to make transactions on multiple integrated gaming platforms and on advanced utility services platforms too.

MONETAS works on developing and visualizing a magnificent and great experience where the community has access to win various rewards too. For, global community, MONETAS offers various services like- to know about, live crypto rates, latest news related to cryptocurrencies, and, a crypto exchange.

Different from pay-to-play games which involve central authority, Blockchain-based games allow players to own their assets while playing the games. That’s why blockchain uses the smart functionality of the latest technology over the servers where data are recorded in a decentralized and immutable way. Hence, the ownership of the assets owned by the players cannot be altered or changed.

MONETAS attempts to deliver a decentralized digital currency utilizing the whole worldwide cryptocurrency system together. They are completely used at a rate characterized during the improvement of the framework, which is also broadly popular.

MONETAS also offers a payment gateway platform for the users by setting new standards in customer service. People can also make all utility bill payments like mobile recharge, electric bills, certain transportation services, natural gas bills, and many more using MNTG tokens.

Furthermore, our global community can easily empower the interactivity of gameplay inventions utilizing the most remarkable and profoundly adaptable back-end execution of our Blockchain Solutions. We develop top-notch blockchain games and decentralized applications which are also dynamic and accessible by unlimited clients.

In terms of gaming solution, MONETAS is the one-stop destination because of the following factors-

· Unadulterated Ownership– Players have absolute ownership of their in-game assets and are free to invest whenever they want to.

· Authentic and Trustworthy– MONETAS ensures extended privacy and security while omitting all the chances of fraud. This ensures that MONETAS is highly effective, more transparent, and honest for its global community.

We, at MONETAS, currently hold 40 million MNTG tokens and are working to expand our portfolio in the global industry. Using MONETAS, you can avail following services-

· Password Protected– MNTG tokens and payments offered with solutions of MONETAS are precisely built while ensuring a balance of better password protection and ease of access.

· Scalable Designs– MONETAS experts offer scalable designs precisely built and developed using the unique technological advancement to ensure better visual payments, immersive experience, crypto-based rewards, and tokens for multiple gaming solutions.

· Larger Community– We offer a 24*7 exchange service and have a dedicated customer support service to resolve various queries of our clients. We serve global users and have a plethora of expert and experienced designers, developers, marketers, analysts, and other professionals that widely serve the numerous needs of our clients.

· 100% secure– The security system that we offer is developed with professionals and has numerous fail-safe layers to protect the crypto-currencies and payments better than bank-grade security.

MONETAS is currently working with three highly fascinating gaming models for global enthusiasts-

· Fantasy Sports – (One-stop destination games)

· Online Board Games- (Ludo)

· Online Card Games- (Rummy)

MONETAS offers a world-class assortment of decentralized gaming platforms, offering the best and exceptionally captivating gaming experience and utility bill payment mode on various gadgets. Moreover, the MNTG tokens are likewise effectively usable across different gaming solutions and utility services platforms without any limitations while keeping up the users’ security, privacy, and comfort.

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