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Alembic Quarterly Results: India Formulations business up 23% Net Profit Rs 169 crore

Vadodara, November 10th, 2021
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited reported its consolidated financial results for the quarter ending 30th September 2021.
Financial Highlights
Net Sales for the quarter at Rs 1292 crores.
Net Profit for the quarter at Rs 169 crores.
Net sales for H-1 FY21 at Rs 2618 crores.
Net profit for H-1 FY21 at Rs 334 crores.

Mr. Shaunak Amin, Managing Director, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited said “India Branded Formulation business has posted a strong growth rate for the second consecutive quarter. This is attributed to the consistent efforts to redefine our business strategy and customer relationships, leading to a strong operational performance, along with a market outperforming growth across all our key product segments and therapy areas.”

Operational Highlights
International Business
US Generics at Rs 348 crores in the quarter and at Rs 716 Crores for H-1.
Ex-US International Formulations at Rs 197 Crores in the quarter and at Rs 394 Crores for H-1.
5 ANDA approvals received during the quarter; 150 Cumulative ANDA approvals.
3 ANDA filings during the quarter; Cumulative ANDA filings at 214.
India Formulations Business
India Formulations Business at Rs 509 crores in the quarter and at Rs 989 crores in the H-1.
Acute & specialty segment grew faster than represented pharma market.

API Business
API business at Rs 239 crores in the quarter and at Rs 519 crores for H-1.
3 DMF were filed in the quarter.