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The Global Delphic Movement gains momentum in Maharashtra with the launch of the official logo of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra at the Raj Bhawan!

The Global Delphic Movement gains momentum in Maharashtra with the launch of the official logo of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra at the Raj Bhawan

Hon’ble Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari unveiled the logo in the presence of Classical Dance Exponent, Actress & Hon’able Member Parliament Smt. Hema Malini
and the State and National officials of the
Maharashtra & Indian Delphic Councils.

The Delphic Games were born in ancient Greece 2500 years ago as the twin-sister of the Olympic Games. They are to Arts & Cultures what Olympic Games are to physical sports. In the past, India has participated in 3 editions of the Delphic Games in various countries and bagged gold and silver medals in South Korea and Malaysia.

Mumbai, August 23, 2021: Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra unveiled the official logo of Delphic Council of Maharashtra today in the premises of Raj Bhawan. With the unveiling of the logo, the time has been recorded in the pages of history when the governor of a state has witnessed and launched a program of the Delphic Movement. Shri Sahil Seth IRS, President of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra presented a memento to the Hon’ble Governor Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari.

The Logo and identity of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra symbolises “WATER” as metaphor of Peace through the arts, as exemplified by the Delphic Games from the ancient times.

The International Delphic Movement is a non-government, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious organisation. It is the only such platform in the world to nurture and promote Arts and Cultures as a means to peace and harmony amongst peoples and races.

The classical dance exponent, actress and Hon’ble Member Parliament, Smt. Hema Malini, actor and Chairperson of the National School of Drama, Shri Paresh Rawal attended the unveiling ceremony as the Guest of Honour and Special Guest respectively. Renowned Industrialist Shri Yash Birla, actress Shree Bhagya Shree and other eminent personalities including Salim – Sulaiman, Shreyas Talpade, Ganesh Acharya, Hafeez Contractor, Bosco-Caesar, Tejaswini Kohlapure along with sh ramesh Prassanna indian delphic council represenative and other officials of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra also attended the ceremony.

The Delphic Games are only-of-a-kind, global common floor for the dialogue of arts and encounter of cultures. They are organised around the world every 4 years by the International Delphic Council based in Berlin and have travelled to 8 countries and counting. They represent six major Arts categories – Musical Arts and Sounds, Performing Arts, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Social Arts and Ecological Arts & Architecture with hundreds of sub-categories and genres and give a platform for artists across art forms, art lovers and various stakeholders.

Commenting on the launch, the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari said, “Maharashtra has a rich heritage of arts and culture. The Delphic Movement & the State Council of Delphic Maharashtra bring a prestigious platform to further encourage and preserve this heritage. I congratulate them and wish them success in their endeavours.”

Smt. Hema Malini, while speaking on the occasion said, “The world has been in the throes of despair with the pandemic since last year and it was a time that reinforced the importance of arts & culture in our lives. The need to have something that touches our hearts and soul and gives us respite, the need to have words, expressions and more that instil hope and inspire. We have immense talent in India, and under the aegis of the Delphic Movement, I hope to be able to bring this talent to the forefront for the whole world as we did in the case of Yoga.” She thanked the Indian Delphic Council for honouring her as the National Delphic Ambassador for Classical Performing Arts. She also congratulated the Delphic Council of Maharashtra and the Indian Delphic Council for their efforts to celebrate our arts, cultures and artists across the world.

Commenting on this development, Mr. Bijender Goel, Founding President, Indian Delphic Council and Advisor for the South Asian region, International Delphic Council sent in a message saying “International Delphic Council offers a common floor to Artists and to all Cultures. The Delphic Movement is getting overwhelming support from across the spectrum, and we plan to take the Delphic Movement to every artist, art lover, stakeholder, Government and Non-Governmental bodies in India. We are currently in 22 states in India & growing. We will focus on multiple mediums, forums, platforms, and common floors to nurture an artistic ecosystem across various age categories in India and will closely work with State Councils and National Arts Federations to ensure we reach out to everyone. The Delphic Council of Maharashtra has started very well in this direction and my best wishes for their endeavours!”

Commenting on the formal launch, Mr. Sahil Seth, IRS, President, Delphic Council of Maharashtra said, “It is an honour and matter of pride to be associated with the Delphic movement in India & encourage the growth of art and culture as a medium to not just bring people together but also enable global opportunities for the state and its people. Maharashtra has a rich heritage of arts & culture that are seen across the country today and with the Delphic Movement, we hope to create a life-long continuing impact on society. We are accompanied by an eclectic mix of Delphians in our Executive Board, Advisory Board & Committees and will soon be announcing our first set of initiatives that feature art for children, a short film festival and a lot more.”

About Delphic Council of Maharashtra


The Founding President of the Indian Delphic Council, Mr. Bijender Goel, appointed Mr. Sahil Seth, an IRS officer of the Rank of Joint Commissioner in the department of GST and Customs as the Honorary President of this Council along with Mr. Suresh Thomas, as Vice President. Mr. Aparajeet ‘Avi’ Mittal, , as the Secretary General, Mrs Pranitaa Pandit– Jt Secretary General, Mr Ali Akbar Rizvi – Treasurer ,Mr Sulaiman Merchant – Director (Musical Arts & Sound), Mr Rajveer Kaushik – Director (Social Arts & Comms), Mrs Bina talat Aziz– Director (Visual Arts & Crafts), Mr Vinay Aggarwal –Director (Ecological Arts & Architecture), Mr Amit Kapoor – Director (Performing Arts & Acrobatics),
Mrs Amita Bhatt – Director (Language Arts & Rhetoric),Mrs Rachna Puri – Director (Delphic clubs and memberships).

Advisory Board

Mr Yash Birla (Birla Group)
Mr Devender singh Tomar(s/o union Agriculture minister)
Dr Ali Irani (Nanavati Hospital)
Quaiser Khalid (Police Commisioner Railways Mumbai)
Salim Merchant ( Music Director)
Sakshi Tanwar (Actor)

Committee Chairpersons :

• Mr Bosco (choreographer) – Chairperson Committee on Dance
• Amy billamoria (Fasion Designer ) – Chairperson for committee on Fashion
• Suchitra Krishnamoorti (Singer & actor) – Chairperson for Committee on Pop Music and Performance”
• Ganesh Acharya (choreographer ) – Chairperson for Committee on Bollywood Dance
• Mickey Mehta – Chairperson Committee on Holistic Health
• Zareen Khan – Chairperson for Committee on stand Up Comedy
• Tejaswini Kohlapuri – Chairperson for Committee on Classical Music
• Nivedita Basu – Chairperson Committee on Content Creation & Productio
• Saumini Paul – Chairperson Committee on Music & Talent Discovery
• Indrajeet Rathod – Chairperson for Committee on Celebrity Coordination and social Outreach
• Subhash singh- chairperson committee on Artist management

Special Invitees :

• Shubham Gupta IAS
• Mr Tej Sapru (Actor)
• Mr Raghav Sachar (Singer)
• Ms Tisca Chopra (Actor)
• Pawan Nagpal (Director n Producer)

About the Delphic Games and the Delphic Movement

The International Delphic Movement is a non-government, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious organisation. It is the only such platform in the world to nurture and promote Arts and Cultures as a means to peace and harmony amongst peoples and races. The Delphic Games were born in ancient Greece 2500 years ago as the twin-sister of the Olympic Games. They are to Arts & Cultures what Olympic Games are to physical sports. In the past, India has participated in 3 editions of the Delphic Games in various countries and bagged gold and silver medals in South Korea and Malaysia.

The Delphic Games celebrate six art categories namely, Musical Arts and Sounds (singing, instrumental music, electronic sounds), Performing Arts (dance, theatre, circus, puppetry), Language Arts (literature, poetry, moderation), Visual Arts (painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, fashion, photography), Social Arts (communications, Internet, media, pedagogic, didactic) and Ecological Arts & Architecture (urban planning, landscaping, preservation and conservation of nature, monuments). The cultures do not enter a competition but showcase their respective arts & customs. They learn from each other by conversing, co-creating, co-learning, and treating each other with mutual respect.

The International Delphic Council is a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian global movement for arts & cultures; with the aim of fostering engagements in the various arts forms amongst people of different races and cultures through the world’s only common floor for the arts called the Delphic Games.

The Delphic Games were born in ancient Greece 2500 years ago as the
twin-sister of the Olympic Games. They are to Arts & Cultures what Olympic Games are to physical sports. The Delphic Games of the Modern Era were revived in 1994, while the Olympic Games were revived in 1894.

India has participated in 3 editions of the Delphic Games in various Countries and even won gold and silver medals in South Korea and Malaysia. The Culture Ministry of Government of India has participated in the process by sponsoring the artists to represent the Country through the Zonal Cultural Centres.

Since revival, the Delphic Games have been hosted in Georgia, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Germany, and South Africa while other festivals of cultural significance have been organised elsewhere in the world. International Institutions like UNESCO, Council of Europe, ASEAN, and such, have endorsed the various editions of the Delphic Games at various times.

  1. World leaders including their Excellencies Nelson Mandela (South Africa),
    Mikhail Gorbachev (erstwhile Soviet Union), Helmut Schmidt (East Germany), Eduard Shevardnadze (Georgia) as well as Celebrated Musicians, Painters, Academicians, Pedagogues, Historians, Arts & Culture revivalists, and the like, have supported the Delphic Games and what they stand for.
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Children in four South Asian countries at ‘extremely high risk’ of the impacts of the climate crisis – UNICEF


According to afirst-ever report of its kind, children in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistanare extremely vulnerable to climate change risks such as heatwaves and  floods


KATHMANDU, 23 August 2021 – Young people living in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are among those most at risk of the impacts of climate change, threatening their health, education, and protection, according to a new UNICEF report launched today. In addition Nepal and Sri Lanka are among the top 65 countries most impacted globally.

‘The Climate Crisis Is a Child Rights Crisis: Introducing the Children’s Climate Risk Index’ (CCRI) is UNICEF’s first child-focused climate risk index. It ranks countries based on children’s exposure to climate and environmental shocks, such as cyclones and heatwaves, as well as their vulnerability to those shocks, based on their access to essential services.

Pakistan, Bangladesh Afghanistan and India are among four South Asian countries where children are at extremely high risk of the impacts of the climate crisis, with a ranking of 14, 15, 15 and 26 respectively. While Nepal is ranked 51, Sri Lanka is at 61st place. Bhutan is ranked 111, with children at relatively lower risk. Approximately 1 billion children live in one of the 33 countriesclassified as “extremely high-risk”, including the four South Asian countries.

“For the first time, we have clear evidence of the impact of climate change on millions of children in South Asia. Droughts, floods, air pollution and river erosion across the region have left millions of children homeless and hungry, and without any healthcare and water,” said George Laryea-Adjei, UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia. “Together, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have created an alarming crisis for South Asian children. The time to act is now – if we invest in water, healthcare and education, we can protect their futures from the impacts of a changing climate and degrading environment.”

Children’s Climate Change Risk Index for South Asia, UNICEF 2021

Country Name Children’s Climate Risk Index (CCRI) Rank Climate and environmental shocks  Child vulnerability to climate change shocks Emissions Per Capita (Mt)
Pakistan 14 8.7 6.4 0.98
Afghanistan 15 7.3 7.9 0.20
Bangladesh 15 9.1 5.1 0.51
India 26 9.0 4.6 1.80
Nepal 51 7.5 4.2 0.43
Sri Lanka 61 7.0 3.3 1.00
Bhutan 111 4.3 3.3 1.83

The report found that these South Asian children are in constant danger from  riverine floods and air pollution, but also that investments in child health, nutrition, and education can make a significant difference to protect children from climate change.

South Asia is home to over 600 million children and has the highest number of young people globally. South Asian countries are among the most vulnerable globally to the impacts of climate change. Extreme climate-related events – heatwaves, storms, floods, fires and droughts – affect more than half of the region’s population every year and continue to burden South Asian countries’ economies.  Rising global temperatures and changing weather patterns have put the futures of millions of children living in climate-vulnerable areas in South Asia at constant risk. Worse, before they can recover from one disaster, another one strikes, reversing any progress made.

The report also reveals a disconnect between where greenhouse gas emissions are generated, and where children are enduring the most significant climate-driven impacts. The 33 extremely high-risk countries , including four from South Asia, collectively emit just 9 per cent of global CO2 emissions. Conversely, the 10 highest emitting countries collectively account for nearly 70 per cent of global emissions.

“The frightening environmental changes we are seeing across the planet are being driven by a few but experienced by many in South Asia,” added Laryea-Adjei. “We must urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions and work together as a community to build greater resilience in South Asia. Children and young people are at the heart of this change, withalmost half of 1.8 billion people below the age of 24 in South Asia.”

Compared to adults, children require more food and water per unit of their body weight, are less able to survive extreme weather events, and are more susceptible to toxic chemicals, temperature changes and diseases, among other factors. Without the urgent action required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally, children will continue to suffer the most.

Young people across South Asia are championing the cause. In Bangladesh, exposures to cyclones, droughts, floods and river erosion moved Tahsin, 23, to action. Through the youth organization he established, Tahsin and 400 children and young people from across the country are cleaning up public spaces, selling the plastic they collect to recycling centres and planting trees. In Pakistan, 14-year-old Zymal started producing biodegradable bags in order to clean up her country from the plastic pollution. In India, a youth filmmaker Divy is traveling across the country and spreading awareness about global warming and Gavita developed a water budgeting app.

In  light of these findings, UNICEF is urgently calling on governments, businesses and relevant actors to:

(1)  Increase investment in climate adaptation and resilience in key services for children.

(2)  Reducegreenhouse gas emissions. Countries must cut their emissions by at least 45% (compared to 2010 levels) by 2030 to keep warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

(3)  Provide children with climate education and greens skills, critical for their adaptation to and preparation for the effects of climate change.

(4)  Include young people in all national, regional and international climate negotiations and decisions, including at COP26.

(5)  Ensure the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is green, low-carbon and inclusive, so that the capacity of future generations to respond to the climate crisis is not compromised.

Notes to Editors:



The CCRI has placed India as one of the 33 extremely high-risk countries, with repeated flooding and air pollution being the repeated environmental shocks leading to socio-economic adverse consequences for women and children.

It is estimated that more than 600 million Indians will face ‘acute water shortages’ in the coming years, (NITI Aayog 2018) while at the same time flash flooding is to increase significantly in the majority of India’s urban areas once the global temperature increase rises above 2° Celsius. Twenty-one of the world’s 30 cities with the most polluted air in 2020 were in India (IQ Air Report 2020).

Dr Yasmin Ali Haque, UNICEF India Representative said, “Climate change is a child rights crisis.  The Children’s Climate Change Index data has pointed to the serious deprivations faced by children, due to the intensifying effect that climate and environmental shocks have on existing inadequate access to essential services, such as water and sanitation, healthcare and education. Understanding where and how children are uniquely vulnerable to this crisis is crucial to building our resilience and effectively addressing climate change. UNICEF hopes the findings of the report will help prioritize action to protect those most at risk and to ensure that children inherit a livable planet.”

UNICEF in India partners with the Central and State governments to build community resilience against future hazards, through key flagship programmes. In Bihar, it is supporting 45,000 villages to become more resilient through the development of risk informed disaster management plans. In Maharashtra, it has helped develop a state-wide climate change curriculum that will be rolled out in all government schools to help skill the next generation of youth on taking climate action.

Across the country, UNICEF is also working with government to ensure that Gram Panchayat Development Plans (GPDPs) take into account costed climate resilient investments going forward, that health services such as the cold-chain are energy efficient and incorporating renewable sources, sanitation and water supply programmes are sustainable and contributing to maintaining clean environments, and education plans include school safety programming that train faculty on how to invest in disaster resilience.

To support systemic and scientifically validated climate advisories for social sectors, UNICEF has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, to advance adaptation practices within social sectors. UNICEF also engages with children and youth to build awareness for climate advocacy and action.

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Avni announces awareness campaign titled #PeriodMeinRaksha, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan

New Delhi, 20 August, 2021: Avni – a menstrual health startup has launched a new awareness campaign titled ‘PeriodMeinRaksha’ on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

The campaign aims to normalize the conversation around periods across genders and generations. The idea is to focus on men and make it simpler for them to understand the concept and practices so that they further lend the right support to women.

The campaign begins with the founder sharing their experiences about normalising the conversation around periods. Further, Avni shall invite audiences to share their image with their father or brother and their experience of having a dialogue with them on the subject.

The campaign shall commence with the brand organising a workshop – ‘Men in Menstruation’ wherein experts shall address the topic to men and hold a knowledge-sharing session.

Avni’s #periodhelpline receives a lot of queries and messages from fathers of young girls, husbands, college students that they were keen on knowing more about the topic. This campaign was conceptualised to create a reliable knowledge resource for these men who #caretoprotect.

“In this quest, we take one step to sensitize men about periods, what exactly happens inside and how they can be cognizant and supportive towards it. Through focused workshops, our experts will help take them through real-life situations and share tips to help them in making the women less hesitant about talking in front of them,” said Mr. Apurv Agrawal – Co-Founder, Avni – Menstrual healthcare startup.

The campaign will be executed on the social media platforms of the brand, as well as through digital sessions. The startup shall invite Dr. Neeta Dhabhai – Consultant Obstretician and Gyneacologist, Deputy Director, WHO Collaborative Center for Research, Chairman and Director, Unfold Foundation to conduct the workshop, impart information and real life tips to improvise the social inhibitions related to the period. Avni intends to conduct these workshops on a regular basis.

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Saudi-Based Dr Siddeek Ahmed Awarded 2021 Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award for Sanitization Revolution

At a special ceremony held at the Indian Embassy in Riyadh, Eram Group Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, was officially presented with the 2021 Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award (PBSA) by the Ambassador of India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Dr. Ausaf Sayeed.

Conferred by the President of India as a part of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) Conventions organized annually since 2003, this award acknowledges august members of the Indian community and their tangible contribution in social and humanitarian upliftment. This year, Dr. Ahmed was one of only 4 recipients from the Middle East and the only one representing the Kingdom.  The pandemic didn’t allow for the more elaborate ceremony that is usually held in New Delhi annually every year, but the sense of occasion and sentiment was palpable at the embassy.

Eram Group’s interests in India remain far and wide and the company employs 2000+ across 5 states who focus primarily on developing indigenous technology tailored to local requirements primarily in the sanitation space via a R&D-based social enterpriseEram Scientific Solutions, acquired by Dr Ahmed in the year 2011.

The innovative ‘e-Toilet’, which is an automated public sanitation solution in line with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan is the result of this was duly showcased at the UN Innovation exhibition and recognized by the United Nations country representative for its game changing potential.

The patented e-Toilet has had more than 12 million users till date and an average of 9,000 daily users across India. Eram Scientific Solutions has already won more than 44 national and international accolades for its inspiring contributions in introducing high-end, future proof and scalable technology in the sanitation space. Dr. Ahmed also received the Toilet Titan award from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Safaigiri Summit in 2015, a salute to the Eram work ethos and the dedication of its 8,000 plus employees from over 20 plus countries.

Lauding Dr. Ahmed’s unwavering commitment to addressing the critical challenges faced by humanity, Dr Sayeed noted that the company’s innovative products and services had made many a Smart Cities safer, cleaner, smarter and prouder making him a worthy recipient of this eminent award.

Expressing his gratitude to Indian President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narender Modi for the honor and thanking the Pravasi Divas committee, not to mention Dr Sayeed and the Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ahmed took this opportunity to acknowledge the importance of having a strong base.

“Thanks to strong partnerships, the unwavering commitment of our team, and their industry, Eram Scientific Solutions has installed 4,000+ e-Toilets across India, Kuwait, Nepal and the MENA region over the years. The plan now is to continue our work and enhance the lives of people across the world with our innovative approach to infrastructure development.”

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Grand Maratha Foundation joins hands with Cabinet Minister, Aditya Thackeray

Relief aid would be provided to Konkan flood-affected victims by GMF through this association

Mumbai, August 19, 2021: Grand Maratha Foundation, a non-governmental organisation in Maharashtra extended their support to the severely flood-affected victims across the Konkan region under the guidance of Shri Aditya Thackeray, Cabinet Minister, Tourism and Environment Government of Maharashtra.  This relief aid consists of 6000 bottles of floor disinfectant, 10000 bottles of hand sanitiser, 10000 disinfectants soaps, 2400 blankets, 2400 bedsheets, medicines for 5000 People, and clothes. This aid will be distributed through the channel of the Government of Maharashtra at different flood-affected areas.

The aid was provided in the presence of Shri Aditya Thackeray (Cabinet Minister, Tourism and Environment Government of Maharashtra),  Shri Varun Sardesai (Secretary, YuvaSena),  Shri Yogesh Nimse (Joint Secretary, YuvaSena), and  Shri Rajesh Tawade (Director Meyer Organics Pvt. Ltd).

The association was conducted under the guidance of Ms Madhavi Shelatkar, Trustee, Grand Maratha Foundation and Mr Rohit Shelatkar, Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation.

Speaking on the relief aid distribution, Rohit Shelatkar, Film Producer & Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation said, “The rainstorm and mountain slides in the Konkan region severely affected thousands of families residing in those areas. As Grand Maratha Foundation thrives with the purpose of helping the ones in need, we initiate various drives to provide as much relief aid as possible to such families. As a result of our association with Shri Aditya Thackeray, we would now be able to reach more and more flood-affected victims across the region and provide them with the necessary support.”

About Grand Maratha Foundation:

Grand Maratha Foundation provides all-around educational support to farmers, including lessons on fair pricing to efficient distribution and modern techniques so as to empower the farmers in creating a better livelihood for them and break the vicious circle of debt and poverty. With a special focus on Vidarbha, Grand Maratha Foundation also provides financial help to empower the farmers by providing their children with the best education. The Foundation has also spurred allied activities in the agrarian and rural sector which involves widows, providing them with a means for earning their livelihood. They have also introduced and encouraged e-Learning through the donation of computers to schools. The Foundation is active in the regions of Akola, Amravati, Yavatmal, Chandrapur, and Nagpur in Maharashtra taking care of all-around development of farmers and their families. The aim is to get farmers to be future-ready by minimizing the operational glitches and empowering them to live a better life.

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Evergreen Club rings in World Senior Citizen’s Day with Evergreen Carnival

August 20, 2021: With the objective of making life “evergreen” for the elderly, Evergreen Club has announced a special 3-day event ahead of World Senior Citizen’s Day. The Evergreen Carnival is set to take place from 20th to 22nd August 2021 on the Evergreen Club platform, inviting older adults to let their hair down and immerse themselves in a fun-filled celebration.

Evergreen Club is India’s largest online community for the elderly, where they can enjoy interactive virtual sessions from the comfort of their homes. The Evergreen Carnival will kickstart with the Retro theme, inviting all the members to dress up in their favorite vintage outfits and dance to popular retro numbers.

On 21st August, members will get a chance to bond over a movie screening of “Madhumati” powered by ShemarooMe, to pay a special tribute to legendary actor Dilip Kumar. ShemarooMe is a one of India’s leading OTT video streaming app, offering diverse and exclusive content across Bollywood, Gujarati, Marathi, Devotional, Punjabi, Comedy and Kids categories. ShemarooMe is available across geographies, with its presence in 150 countries where consumers can download and experience the promise of endless entertainment delivered at the comfort of their homes.

Wrapping up the carnival is the Rakshabandhan Special theme, where members can participate in exciting events and indulge in merrymaking along with their siblings. Throughout the 3-day celebration, members can enjoy various other activities like Baking, Bhangra & Garba dances, Bumper Tambola, Antakshari, Karaoke, etc.

That’s not all! All participating members have the chance to win exclusive gift vouchers up to Rs. 1.5 lacs from renowned brands like Portea, Wow Skincare, Dr. Vaidya’s and Kapiva.

Speaking on the carnival, Tapan Mishra – Founder, Evergreen Club commented “World Senior Citizens’ Day is a wonderful celebration of the elderly and the role they play in making us who we are today. The Evergreen Carnival is a small attempt from us to help them create new and happy memories by engaging in entertaining and interactive activities from the comfort of their homes, while also meeting like-minded people across the country.”

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Agarwal Industrial Corporation Limited shines again, reports 277% Growth in PAT in Q1FY22 (YOY)

Mumbai, August 18, 2021: Agarwal Industrial Corporation Limited (BSE: 531921 |NSE: AGARIND ), one of India’s largest integrated player in Bitumen, continued its growth trajectory, closing the first quarter of F.Y. 2021-22 with triple digit growth in both top and bottom line.

The Consolidated Revenue of the Company grew 177% (YoY) to Rs. 407.94 Crore. The Company, along with its subsidiaries, continued to maintain its track record of consistent growth performance. The consolidated profit after tax grew 277% YoY toRs. 15.07Crore. The Company has built a credible track-record in building scale and delivering high growth consistently. PAT margin of the Company stood at 3.68% as compared to 2.7% in the last quarter.  The Board of the Company has declared a final dividend of INR 1.80, subject to the approval of shareholders.

Highlights of the Quarter Ended June 30, 2021
(Consolidated) (Standalone)

(Rs. in Crore)

% Growth (YoY) Amt.

(Rs. in Crore)

% Growth (YoY)
Total Revenue 409.23 176.69% 366.94 170.96%
EBITDA 25.51 181.57% 16.20 181.40%
EBITDA Margin 6.23% 4.42%
PAT 15.07 276.99% 7.18 498.36%
PAT Margin 3.68% 1.96%
EPS (Not Annualized) (in Rs.) 12.84 229.23% 6.12 423.08%

Commenting on the successful results:

Mr. Lalit Agarwal, Whole Time DirectorAgarwal Industrial Corporation Limited, said “AICL is consistently pursuing its goal of accelerated high-value growth. In the first quarter, once again we delivered – with strong and profitable growth in all businesses. The strong performance of our company was demonstrated in the first quarter by triple-digit revenue growth and increased profitability. With a strong liquidity position, a demonstrated ability to deliver execution and profitability, we are confident to weather the crisis as well as to capture opportunities in a resilient non-recession market of bitumen.”

Mr. Jaiprakash Agarwal, Managing Director, Agarwal Industrial Corporation Limited, said:  “Q1FY22 marks yet another robust quarter with strong progress driven by petrochemical business. This quarter led to the successful acquisition of Agarwal Translink Private Limited, which is believed to be a definitive step toward strengthening of financials and unlocking of higher value and greater opportunities in the logistics segment. Our endeavor to strengthen our balance sheet and improve business visibility and stability continues – which will be forming the basis for growth going forward.”

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Nandani Creation makes a big announcement, changes it’s symbol on NSE from “NANDANI” to “JAIPURKURT”

– In the current trends, more and more women investors are coming forward in the share market & started maintaining their portfolios and at the same time new symbol is more catchy and can be easily recognised and remembered by the Investors and especially the women investors.

-Big decision taken by the fashion giant to reveal the company’s real identity

– JaipurKurti to establish deeper ties with its investors and valued customers

Making a major announcement, India’s leading textile player, Nandani Creation Limited, popularly known and identified in the apparel market by the brand name ‘’, has said that the company has changed its symbol on NSE from NANDANI  to JAIPURKURT.

The major development from the company known for its vast variety of styles in ethnic wear with a contemporary twist comes weeks after the company revealed its plans about investment, offline expansion, hiring, and movement to NSE’s main board. is the brand name of the company and the firm is identified with the same, hence keeping in view the brand recognition, the concept of changing the symbol in NSE from NANDANI to JAIPURKURT took birth.

The symbol is the face of the company, its products, or offerings and develops the connection with the customers.

Nandani Creation has established the brand since its incorporation, and now the firm has changed the same on NSE. Rajasthan is very famous for handcrafted textiles that also proved to be a source of inspiration for the company to come up with the ethnic wear brand It was created to explore the varied dynamics of Indian ethnic wear, presenting this heritage to modern women at its widest range.

Commenting on the key announcement, Anuj Mundhra, Chairman & MD of Nandani Creation Limited, said, “We are really excited about this decision  of changing our Symbol on NSE. is the brand of Nandani Creation Limited. And, now that real identity is coming to the force. Also, by means of the JAIPURKURT symbol, we will establish even a deeper and stronger bond with our loyal and valued customers who have showered their immense love for the brand in the past many years.”

“We are geared up to offer best of the best products to our customers, and we thank our customer base, stakeholders, and well-wishers for their continued support in making a global brand which took off its journey from Rajasthan and now selling across the country, Anuj Mundhra added.

Recently, women ethnic wear firm Nandani Creation had said it will hire over 250 people as part of its offline expansion program entailing an investment of Rs 10 crore. The company, known for its ”” brand, had said that it plans to increase its offline stores to up to 25 by the end of 2023. It has already opened two offline stores in the past few months.

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This Independence Day Chai Sutta Bar salutes frontline warriors with its campaign #SaluTEAing


18th August 2021; Chai Sutta Bar a leading chain of Chai Bars in India, celebrated the 75th Independence Day with a lot of pride by spreading love through ‘desh ki mitti’ serving Kulhad Chai across the nation. Chai Sutta Bar in its initiative to salute the brave warriors served hot Kulhad chai to the frontline warriors (Police constables and Traffic Police) on duty on 15th August. All the 160+ outlets in the country participated with passion and enthusiasm in the initiative taken by the brand. The campaign by Chai Sutta Bar was highlighted as #SaluTEAing with CSB on all Social Media networks as well.

The campaign was well received by the Police and on-duty officials, they acknowledged the quality and taste maintained by the brand. They also thanked the CSB staff and showed gratitude towards them for their initiative. The brand served its exclusive flavours of chai like Chocolate, Adrak, Kesar, Paan and others to the officials so that they could enhance the ‘Mitti ki Khushboo’ and enjoy a moment with Kulhad chai. Chai is one of the most consumed beverage on earth after water and for on-duty officials a cup of chai gives themthe utmost relief amidst all seasons. Hence the brand choose to serve the wishful cup of tea to the Nations real warriors.

“This is a very small gesture by the brand to show the love and respect we hold for our front end warriors. They are no less than a family leading from the front, without thinking about their ownselves. Their passion and commitment towards the nation is commendable and we at Chai Sutta Bar Salute there compassion towards the nation. #SaluTEAing with Chai Sutta Bar India.” Said, Mr Anubhav Dubey, Co-Founder, Chai Sutta Bar said, in a statement.

The outlets from the length and breadth of the country participated in this initiative and assured that the campaign initiated by the brand was well managed and seamlessly done. The outlets that outperformed during the drive were Kandivali (Mumbai), Ulhasnagar (Mumbai), Khandwa (MP), Roorkee, Jakhan (Dehradun), Odhav (Ahmedabad) and Dilsukh Nagar (Hyderabad) outlets.

About Chai Sutta Bar India

Chai Sutta Bar: Cuddle the Kulhad!!!

Chai Sutta Bar is a fast-growing Tea café chain in India that came into existence in 2016. Chai Sutta Bar envisions of making chai more than just a go-to beverage in India. The brand hails its origin from Indore the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. With the uniqueness and high-quality taste, the brand has expanded its portfolio and is now catering to 140+ outlets all over India in 70+ cities in the country and 3 outlets in Oman, Nepal and Dubai respectively, by serving a minimum of 3 lakh Kulhad’s a day. The vision is to make it’s an international brand that describes the goodness of Indian tradition is served on the bar table by providing high-quality hygienic beverages in Kulhad at affordable prices. The brand is owned by the duo of Anubhav- Anand who are young entrepreneurs and have made it big with their sheer dedication and passion towards serving a Wishful cup of Chai.

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Home Credit brings the best gifting options this Raksha Bandhan


  • Supports SEWA Bharat’s nano entrepreneurs by buying a Rakhi on this auspicious occasion



New Delhi, August 18, 2021: Adding to the festivities, Home Credit India has partnered with SEWA Bharat to brighten up the Raksha Bandhan festival with vibes of happiness, joy, sibling love, and divinity. The company, through this association, enables these nano entrepreneurs (artisans) to restore their livelihoods by supporting them with new trends in product development and in gaining market linkages.


These Rakhis with abstract and unique designs are eco-friendly and ethnic and can be purchased from the website: Rakhi Edition 2021 – SEWA RUAAB.

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Among several technology products available in the market, affordable and stylish smartphones are undoubtedly the best gifts to make your loved ones happy. This ritual makes the festivities more joyful and memorable. One can select from a variety of these products with Home Credit India at customer-friendly finance schemes.

Bringing love, harmony, and care for its 11.7 million customers, Home Credit India offers various flexible loan options and provides a plethora of hassle-free financing options, as the company is committed to drive credit penetration and broaden financial inclusion through responsible lending in the country.


About Home Credit India:

Home Credit India Finance Pvt. Ltd. is a local arm of the international consumer finance provider with operations spanning over Europe and Asia and committed to drive financial inclusion in India. The company is committed to drive credit penetration and financial inclusion by offering wide financial solutions that are simple, transparent, and accessible to all. Home Credit India has an employee base of over 13,500 and has been consistently expanding operations since its entry in 2012, with its operations spread over 367 cities across 22 States in India. The company has a strong network of around 30,600 points-of-sale (PoS) and is growing with a customer base of over 11.7 million customers, driven by Pan-India expansion across major markets, a range of diversified and innovative products backed by superior customer experience.

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