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La Mira Fashion – Stylish yet comfy!

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 31: The meaning of La Mira is “The Aim.” The motive to launch this brand in the market is to provide people with comfortable clothes that belong to the current trends as well. A variety of clothes available in the market are extremely fashionable and ecstatic but aren’t very comfortable to wear. La Mira is conceptualised with a vision to provide both for its consumers. Comfort comes in compliance with the trendy spark in the clothes or designs that are manufactured at La Mira.

The brand owner’s name is Hinal Varma. Her primary and secondary education has been completed in Mumbai. However, She had moved to London for two years to pursue 2 Masters. Her education has always been revolving around marketing and theories of marketing. Her enthusiasm for the fashion industry is a new school of thought. She has always been serious about her education but there was nothing specific decision as to what she actually wanted to achieve at the end of the day, although as She just said, there was a true effort towards her education.

Sonal Varma, a co-founder and head designer of La Mira who has done two years of Fashion Designing from JD Institute and INIFD respectively. Always into fashion trends, she incorporates every possible design into reality which gives life to La Mira with a unique touch.

To begin with, She thinks She never truly acknowledged that fashion was her passion and her ambition. In India, there was no true connection that She discovered in fashion but residing in London was one of the most eye-opening, influencing, and most importantly, an inspirational event of her life. She had the intuition to follow trends and stay aware of the fashion that is emerging in the market. She was also cautious of the clothes or the outfits that She filled her wardrobe with. Additionally, she kept her eyes on other people’s wardrobes simultaneously!

Every piece of clothing in her wardrobe is based on the trend that is prevailing in the market and there is diversification as well. It was during the lockdown, that her sister and she were conversing about their future lives and they were inquisitive of what they wanted to achieve in the future. It was then that they realised they were very inspired by fashion and that they had comfort in understanding fashion.

La Mira was a decision that Hinal had made with her sister Sonal Varma. The world was in chaos due to the pandemic, simultaneously Hinal and Sonal were indecisive of their respective futures. A discussion of what they would pursue once lockdown is over gave life to the idea of La Mira. The excitement to have all the trendy and ongoing fashionable clothes in their wardrobe was even more ignited with the thought of starting La Mira.

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ESAF Small Finance Bank reports 28.07% increase in operating profit



Kochi: Kerala-based social bank, ESAF Small Finance Bank has recorded a 28.07 % increase in its operating profit for the year ended March 31, 2021. The Operating profit increased from 324.70 crores to 415.84 crores despite the challenges faced during the year. Deposits have grown by 28.04% from ` 7028 Crore as at 31 March 2020 to ` 8999 Crore for the year ended 31 March 2021. Total CASA improved to ` 1748 Crores from ` 960 Crores marking a growth of 81.99% over the same period last year. CASA proportion to Deposits also significantly improved from 13.55% for the Year ended
31 March 2020 to 19.42% for the year ended 31 March 2021. The Net Profit of the Bank for the year ended 31 March 2021 stood at ` 105.40 Crore as compared to ` 190.39 over the same period last year. Further, the Bank as a prudent measure holds provision in excess of the RBI requirement in the standard category to the extent of ` 91 Crore as at 31 March 2021.

Commenting on the results, K. Paul Thomas, Managing Director and CEO of ESAF Small Finance Bank, said “The bank has improved operating profit and total business despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. With the support of our customers and their unwavering faith in us, we could also enhance our presence across the country. The reduction in the PAT was mainly due to the higher provisions during the fiscal.”

Gross Advances increased by 27.37% from ` 6606 crore to ` 8415 Crore while total Business reached ` 17,425 Crore registering a growth of 25.85% as on 31 March 2021. It was ` 13,846 Crore last year.

During the  year the Bank has raised Tier I capital amounting to ` 162.59 Crore by way  of a private placement. This along with the current year’s profit improved the CRAR by 20 BPS from 24.03% as at 31 March 2020 to 24.23% as at 31 March 2021, despite the increase in business.

Due to a severe crisis at the Grass root level due to the pandemic, the collection efficiency was adversely impacted thereby increasing the gross NPA level at 6.70% and Net NPA by 3.88%.

At present, ESAF Small Finance Bank has a presence in 19 states and 2 union territories. The bank launched 96 branches in the last financial year. As on March 31, 2021, the Bank is serving over 43 lakh customers through 550 branches and 308 Customer Service Centres.

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Bloombrain, reduces course fees by 50% for financially weak students


With offline teaching coming to a halt due to the pandemic, Edtech has gained prominence among the masses. Online courses may be efficient and flexible, but the lack of engagement limits a student’s learning experience. But with the nation still reeling from the pandemic, some Edtechstartups have stepped up to help students gain quality education.

Bloombrain, for example, reduced their course fees by 50% for students belonging to financially weaker backgrounds or whose parents lost their jobs recently. The company has developed an in-house scholarship approval & profiling system that identifies deserving candidates, where the scholarship is approved within 24 hours of application submission.

Bloombrain also inked a strategic partnership with Health Gennie app, to offer their employees and learners free access for one year to medical consultations for any illness via India’s leading doctors.

Shortlisted as one of India’s top 15 emerging Edtech companies by CNBC, the company offers personalized tuition classes for CBSE students from standard 1 to 9. Bloombrain also offers courses focussing on 21st century skills like Public Speaking, Robotics, 3D printing and Application based English Learning Programs for adults.

The company delivers personalized classes along with regular 1:1 practice sessions where students can get doubts cleared and work specifically on their weaknesses. With over 70,000 registered users, Bloombrain’s students display an average grade point of 9 CGPA.

According to Shahrukh Usmani, Founder & CEO of Bloombrain Learning Solutions, “While starting off, we observed that most students lack the required training or opportunity to build their communication skills in schools or colleges. Bloombrain eliminates these communication barriers and enables students to score well, while positioning them for a successful career.”

Commenting on the inspiration behind Bloombrain, Shahrukh added, “While working for the best Edtech companies for the last 5 years, I realised that there is a huge gap between academia and industry in our country. Hence I and my batchmate – Utkarsh (Founder and COO) started Bloombrain along with a team of 8 Edtech experts. We launched just last year in July, and today, we employ over 175 professionals with over 3,500 paid learners. We also developed an in-house patented video calling platform with custom controls at the teacher’s end that offers industry leading user experience. We are currently in discussions with top VCs to raise funds in order to scale our operations.”

Bloombrain is an Edtechstartup that offers personalized one-to-one interactive classes. The company’s courses span across Academics, Spoken English, Coding, Effective Communication Skills related to sales and marketing training for students and adults. Students and interested parties can contact the company through their website or Bloombrain toll free number 1800-212-0944

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MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms.

Blockchain technology is going to restructure the gaming industry by creating a multiverse and making games more immersive and boundary-blurring than ever. Not only in the gaming sector, but the blockchain is also diving into the utility services too by setting a new definition. Unlike a centralized server, where hackers can break the encryption and have control over the assets stored on the server, Blockchain allows players to store their digital money securely in their crypto wallets and make payments more safely.

MONETAS performs to offer the best blockchain gaming and utility services platforms. It also dispenses the uniquely designed BEP-20 based MNTG tokens that can be amalgamated on different blockchain gaming platforms with no limitations. It gives a new outlook to the entire virtual payments and allows the users to make transactions on multiple integrated gaming platforms and on advanced utility services platforms too.

MONETAS works on developing and visualizing a magnificent and great experience where the community has access to win various rewards too. For, global community, MONETAS offers various services like- to know about, live crypto rates, latest news related to cryptocurrencies, and, a crypto exchange.

Different from pay-to-play games which involve central authority, Blockchain-based games allow players to own their assets while playing the games. That’s why blockchain uses the smart functionality of the latest technology over the servers where data are recorded in a decentralized and immutable way. Hence, the ownership of the assets owned by the players cannot be altered or changed.

MONETAS attempts to deliver a decentralized digital currency utilizing the whole worldwide cryptocurrency system together. They are completely used at a rate characterized during the improvement of the framework, which is also broadly popular.

MONETAS also offers a payment gateway platform for the users by setting new standards in customer service. People can also make all utility bill payments like mobile recharge, electric bills, certain transportation services, natural gas bills, and many more using MNTG tokens.

Furthermore, our global community can easily empower the interactivity of gameplay inventions utilizing the most remarkable and profoundly adaptable back-end execution of our Blockchain Solutions. We develop top-notch blockchain games and decentralized applications which are also dynamic and accessible by unlimited clients.

In terms of gaming solution, MONETAS is the one-stop destination because of the following factors-

· Unadulterated Ownership– Players have absolute ownership of their in-game assets and are free to invest whenever they want to.

· Authentic and Trustworthy– MONETAS ensures extended privacy and security while omitting all the chances of fraud. This ensures that MONETAS is highly effective, more transparent, and honest for its global community.

We, at MONETAS, currently hold 40 million MNTG tokens and are working to expand our portfolio in the global industry. Using MONETAS, you can avail following services-

· Password Protected– MNTG tokens and payments offered with solutions of MONETAS are precisely built while ensuring a balance of better password protection and ease of access.

· Scalable Designs– MONETAS experts offer scalable designs precisely built and developed using the unique technological advancement to ensure better visual payments, immersive experience, crypto-based rewards, and tokens for multiple gaming solutions.

· Larger Community– We offer a 24*7 exchange service and have a dedicated customer support service to resolve various queries of our clients. We serve global users and have a plethora of expert and experienced designers, developers, marketers, analysts, and other professionals that widely serve the numerous needs of our clients.

· 100% secure– The security system that we offer is developed with professionals and has numerous fail-safe layers to protect the crypto-currencies and payments better than bank-grade security.

MONETAS is currently working with three highly fascinating gaming models for global enthusiasts-

· Fantasy Sports – (One-stop destination games)

· Online Board Games- (Ludo)

· Online Card Games- (Rummy)

MONETAS offers a world-class assortment of decentralized gaming platforms, offering the best and exceptionally captivating gaming experience and utility bill payment mode on various gadgets. Moreover, the MNTG tokens are likewise effectively usable across different gaming solutions and utility services platforms without any limitations while keeping up the users’ security, privacy, and comfort.

For More Information Visit the website on-

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Bengal’s Luminaries backs ” Find a Bed ” Movement


The Nation battling the second wave of coronavirus pandemic with vacillating medical infrastructure, people are coming forward to help each other. From gathering information about oxygen cylinders and vacant hospital beds to providing food to Covid patients, we have been hearing stories of empathy and compassion from across the city. Celebrities from different fraternity in the country are also doing their bit in helping people affected by the pandemic. Apart from donating money, the celebs are using Social Media to amplify SOS calls, which has helped many in distress. Celebrities from different Industries as well as entertainment fraternity including Bollywood joins hand with India’s International Movement to Unite Nations (IIMUN) is a youth-led organisation that comes forward with their new initiative ‘Find a Bed’. With Ajay Piramal, Deepak Parekh, A. R. Rahman, Shashi Tharoor, Suresh Prabhu and the Chiefs of Armed Forces on the board of advisors and a team of 26,000 students who work across 160 cities and 22 countries, the organisation is oriented towards sensitising leaders.
In light of the situation turning in India, the organisation has launched its ‘ Find A Bed’ initiative. Many patients who test positive for COVID-19 only need home quarantine to recover; however, not all of them have access to the luxury of home quarantine. This is where Find A Bed comes in: a single nationwide repository of available beds for mildly positive, asymptomatic patients. Apart from Actors, Desigeners and
Choreographers, Entertainment contingents across the Nation also came forward to join the ‘Find a Bed’ movement. Like the entire nation Bengal is battling the second wave and situation is turning difficult. The political turmoil and covid has made the state face utter difficulty. To battle this difficult time eminent personalities from different fraternities in Bengal joins the ‘Find a Bed’ movement as cause ambassadors.
Tollywood’s famous actress and member of parliament Nusrat Jahan joined as Cause ambassadors. Proficient Playback singer and eminent Painter Soumita Saha, renowned actress and Anchor Aparajita Ghosh also became active cause ambassadors of Find a Bed movement. Mumbai based, bollywood’s star Singer Shaan and Famous writter Novoneel Chakraborty, Famous Actress Bidita Bag, they all have their roots in the city of joy, joins hand with “Find a bed”. These celebrities joined hands with the movement to bring “joy” back to their hometown that’s popularly known as ‘City of Joy’. Soumita Saha posted a demo video of the screen explaining how one can find bed using the website. She also laid emphasis on the fact that one can use their regional language to find a bed. Bengali Celebrities from different fields of literature and performing art coming forward to save the state as well as the country is praise worthy.
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Indus Valley launches 100% Organic Hair Colour and Spa with essential oils


New Delhi, 24th May 2020: Indus Valley which delivers a wide range of organic, damage- free and natural products to its customers has launched its 100% organic Hair colour and Spa with Essential oils package priced at Rs. 1199.

Indus Valley 100% organic Hair colour and Spa promises triple exuberance of hair colouring, prevention of further hair graying and superior hair maintenance. Packed with all natural and organic ingredients it colours, treats and repairs damaged hair without exposing them to even a tinct of chemicals.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Arya, CEO and founder, Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt Ltd, said, “The 100% organic Hair colour and Spa has been launched after diligent quality testing and control. With the promise to provide the best to our customers, the product is made with 15 handpicked and botanical herbs with no synthetic chemicals and fragrances. It is also vegan and cruelty free. “

Filled with paragon organic ingredients like castor oil and sesame oil the hair colour bestows a holistic and a luxurious spa experience by increasing blood circulation to the hair and moisturizing your scalp. Loaded with essential oils it helps to nourish the hair roots, soothes hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, clean the scalp off dandruff and control oil buildup to maintain a healthy scalp.

The brand believes in cultivating purity from the very beginning, hence has permeated its product with organically grown and hand-picked natural ingredients, devoid of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The product only contains organic preservatives for packaging and has no synthetic fragrance. The product will be available e-commerce platforms like Amazon, 1mg, Flipkart, Nykaa, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall and Myntra along with the brand’s website.

The colour pigments of the product stick only to the outer layer without bleaching away the natural pigment of hair and providing a soft, gentle, natural and durable conditioning effect without damaging the hair structure or depleting the hair shine. 100% Organic Hair Colour and Spa is tested by multiple reputed international health agencies and has been certified as “Organic”. It is also a Dermatologists’ favourite as it carries no deadly side effects and does not cause any permanent damage to the hair shaft.

About Indus Valley:
A home grown brand of hair colors which is free from all commonly used chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, paraphenylenediamine, barium and other heavy metals that cause irreparable harm to hair strands, the organically natural hair dye comes as a fresh breather against all the harmful chemical dyes currently available. After successfully creating its place globally for 25 years, the brand introduces itself in India with a campaign ‘India Against Grey’ which aims at addressing permanent greying of hair, damaging melanin, growth of new grey hair, dryness, breakage and several issues that are the result of hair colouring. It is a cosmetic brand with a range of natural Organic Certified and Halal Certified hair dyes, organic hair and skincare products. Their factory is situated in Lower Himalayas in the eco-friendly surrounding to produce high-quality natural cosmetics. The products are free of artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals and are also cruelty-free.

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Alembic Pharmaceuticals announces Financial aide upto 50lakhs for deceased employees due to covid

The employees create a benevolent fund for their late colleagues

Vadodara (Gujarat) [India], May 17: When it comes to Employee welfare with Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd it is not just the employer but also the employees who have started a Benevolent Fund and are contributing generously for their departed team members who passed in this second wave of Covid.

The Management of the 114-year-old Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd has announced Financial Aid of between 15 lakhs to 50 lakhs to their deceased employees, which is over and above all other benefits applicable. Talking to the media, Mr. Pranav Amin, Managing Director of Alembic Pharmaceuticals said that, the company has always fostered the feeling of Alembic Parivaar. We are deeply saddened by the loss of some of our family members due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company has decided to support the bereaved family members with financial assistance apart from the existing benefits. We have announced financial aid of a minimum INR 15 Lacs maximum up to INR 50 Lacs for the deceased team members’ family. While we cannot compensate for the loss suffered by the families, we hope that this benefit will help them to rebuild their lives. As we remain committed to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and their families, I strongly urge everyone to take the utmost precaution and safeguard themselves.

Seeing the gesture initiated by the company, the employees of the Alembic group have also come forward and formed an Employee Benevolent Fund, where employees are contributing in the form of either cash or their earned leaves for the team members they have lost. Employees have contributed towards the benevolent fund for individual employees who have passed away due to Covid-19. Employees are generously supporting all, irrespective of whether they know the deceased member or not and irrespective of the professional level of their colleague. These contributions are voluntary and discreet. The funds are accumulated and directly transferred to the legal heirs.

Talking to the media, the HR spokesperson confirmed that the organisation has added a Covid-19 cover for all employees, in addition to the existing mediclaim policy, the cost for which is borne by the company. Also, in the unfortunate event of an employee losing his life, the company’s Financial Aid is a major solace, which is in addition to the EDLI of around 7L, gratuity which is calculated up to the retirement date of 58years, contributions from the Benevolent Fund, plus other statutory benefits.

To give a broad idea, the bereaved family of a junior employee on an annual salary of around 3L will also receive as per the above benefits offered, anything between 25 – 30 L.

This is a testing time for everyone. Many of the staff have been personally impacted by the pandemic and/or have had their family members getting impacted.

Some of the staff has even had to bear personal losses/ loss of colleagues.

During such times, it is only natural to occasionally feel a little low. Due to the same Alembic has engaged a clinical psychologist, whom all Alembians can reach out to, should the employees feel the need. The psychologist has special experience in supporting individuals with stress, anxiety, depression, grief and bereavement-related concerns. The psychologist has been requested by the company to keep the discussions and calls confidential. The psychologist shouldn’t share name or any details with the company management too. The psychologist can be contacted all 7 days of the week between 08 am to 9 pm.

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Alembic Pharmaceuticals recieves USFDA approval for Opthalmic Solution.

Drug firm Alembic Pharmaceuticals on Wednesday said it has received approval from the US health regulator for Dorzolamide Hydrochloride and Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution, used to treat certain types of glaucoma and other causes of high pressure inside the eye.

The approved product is therapeutically equivalent to the reference listed drug product (RLD) Cosopt Ophthalmic Solution, 2 per cent and 0.5 per cent, of Akorn Operating Company LLC.

The company has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for Dorzolamide Hydrochloride and Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution USP, 2 per cent and 0.5 per cent, Alembic Pharmaceuticals said in a regulatory filing.

Dorzolamide Hydrochloride and Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension who are insufficiently responsive to beta-blockers.

Quoting IQVIA data, Alembic Pharma said Dorzolamide Hydrochloride and Timolol Maleate Ophthalmic Solution USP, 2 per cent and 0.5 per cent has an estimated market size of USD 80 million for twelve months ending December 2020.

Alembic now has a total of 143 ANDA approvals (125 final approvals and 18 tentative approvals) from